The Museum is starting to produce a series of videos. These will be addded to this page from time to time.

Videos currently available are listed below:

1. Volunteers Video – An introduction to Museum activities, focussing on the work of volunteers. Produced in December 2019, before the advent od Covid-19 restrictions.

2. My Time in the Mines 1928 – William B. Burnett looks back to the time when he started work at Gateside Colliery, Cambuslang, aged 14. This is possibly the only live description of mining in 1928 and thereabouts by someone who was there.

3. 2016 Exhibition Guide – A guide to the Museum’s 2016 Exhibition, ‘Wartime Advances, Peacetime Applications’, which demonstrated how technological breakthroughs achieved in the two World Wars of the 20th century formed a foundation for developments that changed everyday life in peacetime.   

4. 2019 Exhibition Guide – A guide to the Museum’s 2019 Exhibition, ‘It was 50 Years Ago’, a varied exhibition centred round the Moon landing of July 1969..